Hazelwood Memorial Exhibit – Zainab Aliyu
Hazelwood Memorial Exhibit

Constructing a meaningful narrative in a fixed environment.

As a society, we often avoid honest and open conversations about difficult subject matters like race, privilege, social exclusion and urban violence. My senior capstone for Carnegie Mellon School of Design involved engaging and working with members of the greater Hazelwood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA to better understand how losses affect the identity of a community and how, in the aftermath of loss, memory of place changes overtime. The goal was to understand how these types of inequalities result in misunderstanding, racism, and loss of social capital.

We worked to address these issues by partnering with the Center of Life (COL), a faith-based, community-empowerment organization that serves residents in the greater Hazelwood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Together, this collective knowledge helped tell a story about this community in an effort to invite conversation.

Role Systems thinking, research, experience design, interaction design, visual design, rapid prototyping

Contributors Carnegie Mellon Design Class of 2017, with special thanks to our instructors, Dylan Vitone, Kristin Hughes, and Tim Smith of the Center of Life, as well as the Greater Hazelwood community

Ultimately, our aim was to create a meaningful narrative in a fixed environment that helps individuals convey the voices of forgotten lives, hopes, and dreams.

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